If you use different than one day contact lenses or contact lenses for permanent wearing, you have to place them into the case filled with solution. The function of the contact lenses solutions, which are intended for contact lenses, is to disinfect (to remove the microbes and bacteria which can cause the eye infections), to clean and to prevent excessive amounts of proteinous lipid particles from embedding. These can decrease the comfort and vision sharpness when contacts are worn.

Before every application of the contact lens solution it is necessary to control whether it was properly closed. It is important due to the sterility factor. If the solution was opened at least a bit before you begin to use it, it could cause the discomfort. This is because the contact lens solutions have a relatively short expiration period after they are opened (3-6 months) and it is not appropriate to use them after this period expired.

There are many different contact lens solutions for different types of contact lenses on the market.

The most common are so called “all in one” contact lens solutions which have all the necessary functions to keep the contact lenses clean and will ensure a satisfactory comfort level.

The specific type of “all in one” solutions is so called hydrogen peroxide solutions which are the best from the medical point of view. They do not contain any preservative substances and the lens, which is treated with this contacts solution, is suitable for sensitive eyes which cannot tolerate any other solution. It is suitable for all the types of soft contact lenses which are worn more days in succession. It contains hydrogen peroxide which is neutralized in special case through the catalyst and thus it cleans the lens. The lens has to stay in a closed case for approximately 6 to 8 hours so that the cleaning reaction is finished and the whole solution is neutralized. The reaction of solution with the catalyst produces only water without any preservative substances and so it is not necessary to sluice it and it can be immediately inserted into the eye.

Another type of contact lens solution, which is not used very often, is the solution for hard contact lenses.

When you are using contact lens solutions regularly it is recommended to alternate the solutions from time to time so that no allergic reaction on any of the components of the solution originates. You should always use only those products which are recommended to you by your doctor or optometrist. Other or similar preparations could harm your eyes or contact lenses.